A New Kroger Development in Buckner Set to Transform Oldham County's Landscape

Photo Courtesy of Kroger

A new Kroger currently under construction in Buckner is set to do much more than establish the company's largest fuel station in Kentucky's Oldham County. This development is expected to ignite a transformation in the area's image by attracting new businesses.

Positioned just off Exit 18 on Interstate 71, the Kroger store is projected to open this fall, following its groundbreaking in May 2022. Notably, it will feature the state's first 20-pump Kroger fuel station and mark the first time in 14 years that Kroger's Louisville region has witnessed a ground-up store construction. The Louisville region encompasses 114 locations across Kentucky, southern Indiana, and southern Illinois.

The ongoing construction of this Kroger has garnered considerable excitement from David Bizianes, president of Oldham Chamber & Economic Development. He believes the development will play a pivotal role in sustaining commerce in Oldham County and attracting other businesses to the area. In fact, a McDonald's has already acquired property near Exit 18, and more development is expected to take place in nearby vacant land.

To facilitate this growth, Oldham County has already undertaken numerous road improvements in recent years, including the expansion of Kentucky 393, where the new Kroger will be situated. Furthermore, the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet is actively working on widening I-71, both between Exit 14 and the Interstate 265 interchange and between exits 14 and 18.

As Oldham undergoes a transformation from a rural community to a more developed area, it is striving to create high-quality job opportunities to retain its well-educated residents, preventing them from relocating to larger cities like Louisville.

Kroger, acknowledging the vast potential in Buckner, has invested $35 million in this new location and is eager to seize the opportunities the area offers. The store is expected to hire 300 new associates.

Having owned the lot since 2015, Kroger's upcoming store in Buckner represents a significant milestone for the company, as the nearest Kroger is currently located in La Grange.

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